Re: Build 198

Chuck Dean

Hello Kosta, yes, I have restarted both devices, and put the air pods back in their case to reset them.
This is not new to this build, but is only noticeable on the flicktype watch app, as I type this on my iPhone, hardly any lag at all.

I am using an iPhone 8, running iOS 12.0.1 and an Apple Watch Series 4 running Watch OS 5.0  

Chuck (mobile)
Pleez x cuze enny tie ping or spelin air ores.

On Oct 15, 2018, at 10:14 AM, FlickType <hello@...> wrote:

Thank you Chuck, that is definitely not nit picking and thanks for the report.

I am totally puzzled as to how or why this would happen. I know that there's always some lag with any bluetooth headset compared to no headset, but this sounds like a mystery.

Maybe try the good old restarting your device trick? And did you have the same issue with earlier builds?

- Kosta

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