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Keyboard extension (full screen) This will bring the same experience of the main app inside any other app. The keyboard will always be full screen, and will be quickly dismissible with a simple gesture (to be determined) so that you can access the rest of the current application's contents. If you prefer this to not be full screen, please elaborate on the reason(s) in the comments. Other Languages We would prioritize these based on demand. 3D Touch What would you like to be able to do with 3D Touch? Word completion For longer words, automatically guess and speak the current word being typed after the first few taps. Flick right to accept it, or keep typing to ignore the suggestion. Pinch Gesture Would this be a useful gesture on the keyboard? What would you like it to do? Rotor Gesture Would this be a useful gesture on the keyboard? What would you like it to do? Guided Tour Step-by-step tutorial on how to use the basic features of the keyboard, and optionally some of the more advanced features. Reduce or eliminate loading time This should only happen once, unless you terminate the app from the app switcher, or the app crashed, or you restarted your device. If this is still a big problem for people, we can focus on improving this delay. Better dictionary management The dictionary should be presented as a regular, editable table view. Also adding to the dictionary while typing should not require a flick up gesture. iCloud Sync to iCloud for across devices Autocorrect Intelligence The autocorrect system will include context, as well as learn from your specific typing habits. This will include whether you typically type higher than most on the screen, more to the left, whatever your unique typing fingerprint is.