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We are currently prioritizing fixes and features based on a number of factors but the basic way things are prioritized is: "must have" versus "nice to have". Must have issues are crashes, freezes and basic functionality not working properly. Basic functionality is functionality that hinders text input or basic sharing within the share sheet and export functionality, things that make it so you cannot type or send properly. Nice to haves are advanced functionalities and features things that are nice to have but do not hinder the basic input and export experience. We will be making updates to each category with most releases, but we do prioritize severe issues. We will always keep you updated on the latest features and fixes within the release notes in TestFlight, on Twitter, and in a post. In these places, we make announcements about what is included in the latest beta, so you are always updated on whether the specific feature request or fix is now available. If it's not yet announced in the beta release notes this means the feature is not quite ready. If you still have questions about a feature or fix please comment on the post or send us an email at