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You'll receive an email from TestFlight stating that “Kpaw LCC has invited you to test FlickType Keyboard” in the subject.   Click on the first link within the email, with voiceover, it announces the link as "start testing" and the text on the button reads "view in TestFlight" once you click this you will be sent to a landing page with 3-step instructions: 1) Get TestFlight, 2) Open TestFlight App, and 3) Enter code (8 digit letter code will be here), just copy that code from step 3. Go into the TestFlight app and in the top right corner there’s a “redeem" button, you click that and a window will pop up where you paste the code. You'll click Install and it will be on your device!

Please note these codes do expire, so if your code has expired please email us to request a new code. 

If you still have questions please refer to this topic or post your comment here: