Strange Flicktype, iOS 13 beta, and Audio Ducking Problem

Chris Smart

Ok, this one is strange.

With the latest iOS 13 developer beta, and the latest Flicktype beta, and only when ducking is turned on, the key click sound ramps up in volume unexpectedly, when using my phone's internal speakers.

When using 2nd generation Airpods, Voiceover reading each word I type is what jumps up in volume, to extremely high levels.

I have yet to experience this with any other app or the built-in iOS keyboard.

This is with an iPhone 8 Plus.


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Tangela M.

I suspect this is an ios issue. Even with the regular beta and braille screen input or other ways of typing there are weird ducking bugs with vo. even using the rotor causes it to fluctuate though usually it is going quieter, not louder, but perhaps something with the way flicktype also plays sounds makes that reversed.