New version on the App Store!


Dear FlickTypers,

There's a new update available on the App Store, with all the juicy details following below. We are listening to all your feedback and are incorporating it as quickly as we can. We'd like to take this opportunity and remind everyone how valuable your App Store reviews are for small developers like ourselves. Please help your favorite keyboard by taking just a couple of minutes to write a short review with your honest opinion about FlickType. You can use the following link from your iOS device to go there directly:

Thank you for your support, we really appreciate it!

What's new:
- Keys will now be shown by default. You can revert back to the previous high-contrast appearance from the settings.
- Added setting to enable blinking cursor. If you have some vision, please try it out and let us know what you think.
- FlickType will now indicate the initial cursor position by announcing the current word.
- When reading back your text, the visual announcement will now be white instead of yellow, and the cursor position will also be displayed.
- When done reading back your text, the current cursor position will be announced.
- Visual tweaks to keyboard area when keys are hidden.
- Visual announcements will now take up more than one line if needed, rather than squeeze the announcement text all in one line by making the font extremely small.
- When reading back the typed text, it will now also be shown as a multiline visual announcement.
- "System" announcements such as switching to numbers or invoking shift will now appear yellow and have a slightly higher pitch.
- Added a workaround setting for the WhatsApp crash, off by default. Enable "Reduced Height" in the settings only if you have been experiencing crashes with WhatsApp, and please let us know if the workaround helped.
- Removed confusing "Inactive" badge on Upgrade tab item.
- Added hint on how to change the preset emoji setting.

Please always restart your device after updating FlickType, and send all your feedback to Thank you for using FlickType, and make sure to tell your friends if you are enjoying it!

Kosta and Ashley