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Hi List,

I'm replying to the below message but doing so to the hello@flicktype.groups.io group since this has to do with list admin and not alpha build issues.

The original flicktype@groups.io list was divided into subgroups in order to focus traffic related to alpha and beta builds into separate compartments. With this segregation, the developers were looking ahead to when the app is released and set up the hello@flicktype.groups.io subgroup for messages related to it and other general traffic. I believe if you post to the original flicktype address, it will automatically be routed from the hello subgroup but I'm not sure how this was accomplished.

Groups.io allows many operations to be set by sending blank emails to an appropriate address. This makes going to the website unnecessary and eases administration of your list subscription in my opinion to change things like delivery method, etc. As far as I'm aware, these email operations also work with subgroups in Groups.io provided you have the correct subgroup identifier.

Below is a list of email operations you can accomplish by sending a blank email with no subject to the listed address. I'm using the FlickType Alpha subgroup in this list as the subgroup on which the operation will be effective but you should be able to use these addresses for the hello and beta subgroups too by substituting those words where alpha occurs in the address below: Here's the list:

1. To subscribe: alpha+subscribe@flicktype.groups.io

2. To unsubscribe: alpha+unsubscribe@flicktype.groups.io

3. To get help: alpha+help@flicktype.groups.io

4. To go nomail: alpha+nomail@flicktype.groups.io

5. To go to digest delivery: alpha+digest@flicktype.groups.io

6. To go to full digest delivery: alpha+fulldigest@flicktype.groups.io

7. To return to single message delivery: alpha+single@flicktype.groups.io

I have my email client set to send in html format so that links will remain live so the above email addresses should open a new message ready to send in your email client. If not, they can be copied and pasted there.

If you have trouble with any of these email operations working, please post back and let us know. We're learning as we go.

Alan Lemly

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I don't think you can change that by sending an email, but you can follow these steps:

1. Go to https://groups.io/sendloginlink and enter the email address that you are subscribed with.

2. Once you receive it, follow the login link in that email.

3. Select the group (eg flicktype alpha or beta).

4. If on mobile: Bottom right of the screen "More", then Subscription. If on laptop or desktop: "Subscription" on the right sidebar.

5. Change the "Email Delivery" option.

I should also note here that there's plenty of settings to customize from the web interface, as well as the ability to access all the message archives.

Hope this helps!