Explore the alternative way to enter numbers and symbols


Hi List,

As the FlickType Wiki says:

There are two ways to input numbers and symbols: 1) 2-finger flick left or
right will give you access to the full numbers and symbols keyboards. 2) Tap
and hold the keys. There is now a new line at the top of the keyboard full
of symbol and number groups. Drag your finger over one and release to select
it. Navigate with flick down and up to other symbols and numbers in the same
group. Explore.

I strongly encourage users to explore the alternative way to enter numbers
and symbols. Single finger press and hold on the FlickType keyboard and
slide up until you hear @, period, number sign and a few others on a new
line that pops up above the qwerty keyboard. If you release on the @ symbol
in this line, FlickType will insert it into your output section and you can
single finger flick down to cycle through other choices within that group.
If you've set up your email address within the app, one of the choices
that's available in the @ sign group list is your email address. This is a
very quick way to generate input of your email address which many sites and
apps seem to require. By the same token, in the number sign group, one of
the available options is your phone number. This can be a faster way to
input some symbols and I highly recommend that everyone explore the options
available in this alternative input method and become familiar with what's
available under each group via flicking down.

Happy FlickTyping.

Alan Lemly