FlickType watch recent updates not correcting keyboard issues


Hi List,


It seems apparent that the keyboard functionality of the iOS FlickType watch app will not be corrected going forward. I’ve had two updates to the watch app in the past month and I notice that the issue of alternative words returned by the predictive engine are still only speaking the last letter of the offered word when single finger swiping down. Even more frustrating is the restoration of my previous custom dictionary which was huge and so big it slows down my use of the classic app.  I had cleared that dictionary and created a much smaller dictionary which I’m having to do again since the larger one is apparently saved somewhere in the cloud and was restored by the watch/keyboard app with no input by me. Be aware that if you remove the watch/keyboard app from your App switcher and start it again, your previously stored custom dictionary will again be restored and you’ll have to start again creating a new one.


If anyone has any suggestions as to how I can get rid of the custom dictionary FlickType is apparently storing in the cloud, I’d love to hear them. Clearing the dictionary from within the app is not doing it.


Alan Lemly