More details about FlickType and iOS 14 issue


Hi Kosta and List,


I'm a big believer in providing as many details as possible when reporting an issue. The main problem I'm having with FlickType and iOS 14 is the inability to switch keyboards when typing with FlickType in full sized mode. I've changed the setting to standard size and am at least able to send texts in this mode as I have access to the send button. I am noting that in standard mode, the button to switch keyboards does not seem to be available. At least when I touch in that area of the screen where it's supposed to be, all I hear is FlickType and nothing else.


I also want to report that when my FlickType setting is on full sized keyboard, the button to switch keyboards which is to the left of the spacebar does not bring up the keyboard that is announced by Voiceover when it is double tapped. I have to double tap and hold on the next keyboard button and slide up and release on the one I want for it to bring up the correct one. This worked correctly in the last version of iOS 13. I have four software keyboards installed, US English, Emoji, FlickType, and Key Wi.


I've changed back to the FlickType version available in the App Store but I'm having these problems with the latest beta version as well. I hope a fix will be forthcoming soon.


Alan Lemly