Inconsistent iPhone FlickType keyboard behavior since iOS 14


Hi Kosta and List,


I hope you are working on a resolution to the inconsistent behavior I'm getting with FlickType since upgrading to iOS 14. Any suggestions for a workaround until this issue is corrected would also be appreciated.


I'm using FlickType in full screen mode and sometimes after working perfectly for several sent text messages and emails, I'll be composing another message with FlickType running and when I attempt to single finger swipe up and hold to change keyboards, nothing happens. Trying to access the rotor to activate direct touch isn't available and sometimes the only thing that works is doing a magic tap two finger double tap. That will sometimes close FlickType and take me back to the app I started with which is usually the Messages app but Voiceover isn't speaking. I then usually go into Settings, General, Keyboard, and delete the FlickType keyboard and reinstall it.


I'm using the current beta version but was having this issue with both the downloadable version and other beta versions.


Thanks for resolving this issue with a future upgrade and for sharing any workarounds until that is available.


Alan Lemly