FlickType keyboard in iOS 14 inconsistent and unacceptable


Hi Kosta and List,


I've gotten very inconsistent behavior from the FlickType keyboard on my iPhone SE 2020 since upgrading to iOS 14 this past Saturday. When it works, it works great but when it fails, I've had to go into Settings, General, Keyboard, and remove it from the downloaded software keyboards. I use FlickType in full screen mode and when it isn't working, I can see the keyboard in the bottom third of the screen but tapping to input characters and words doesn't work and the single finger swipe up and hold to select another keyboard doesn't work and you're just sort of stuck. Trying to access the rotor and select direct touch is also inconsistent in correcting the issue.


Another developer, Winston Chen, who has the Voice Dream products, mentioned an issue with Voice Dream Writer and iOS 14. Specifically, he said:


I managed to fix this issue with the help of an Apple engineer. Actually, how VoiceOver handles the swiping gesture for an adjustable control has changed in iOS 14. The solution is that all increment/decrement actions from an adjustable, swipe-able control needs to be fire 0.4 seconds after the action.


Feel free to pass this on to other developers.




I'm not a programmer and I have no clue whether any of the above applies to FlickType but I thought I'd pass it along in case it does. I do know that neither the latest beta of FlickType or the latest downloadable version from the App Store seems to correct the problem I'm having when it manifests itself.


I hope the above will help or if it doesn't relate, that we get a FlickType update that is specific to iOS 14 very soon.


Alan Lemly