iOS 14 issue when sharing News articles

Peter Torpey

I have run into this issue a few times when sharing a News article via e-mail and thought you might want to look into it. I am using iOS 14 on an iPhone XR with Voiceover.

Problem: When I try to share a News article via e-mail, Touch typing seems to be automatically set to "off" and FlickType can't be used

Steps to reproduce:
1. Open a News article from the Apple News app.
2. Perform a single finger double tap to activate the "Share" button at the top of the article.
3. Select to share via e-mail by performing a single finger double tap on the "E-Mail" button.
4. Perform a single finger double tap in the "To:" field of the email header to activate this edit field.
5. touch the active area of the Flicktype keyboard to activate Flicktype.
6. Now move your finger around the screen to try and find the first letter to type. Note: VoiceOver does not speak anything.
7. Raise your finger and touch the keyboard area again. Note: VoiceOver speaks "Flicktype keyboard" as if you are first activating the keyboard in order to start typing.
8. Use the two finger VoiceOver rotor action to go to the "Touch Typing" item.
9. Flick down with one finger and VoiceOver speaks "On" indicating that Touch Typing is now "On". Presumably it was set to "Off" before.
10. Now that Touch Typing is definitely turned "On", Cancel the sending of this message and follow steps #1- 9 again and you will observe the same result, i.e., Touch Typing is "Off" again even though it was set to "On".

Hope that is clear and helps you track down the issue.

BTW, Flicktype has been working very well on my phone these days. It has definitely improved since its earlier days on the app store. Thanks.