Two questions.

Paul Henrichsen <pfhj2000@...>

Hi guys.
First of all, why is the done button always dimmed?
Second how does one convert from a monthly subscription to a yearly subscription? I don’t see anywhere in the upgrade tab that one can do that.

Paul Henrichsen


Hi Paul,

In case you missed my message to the group just a minute ago, the missing subscription options is an error on our part and we are issuing an update to address it. It should be available as soon as Apple approves it, which is usually done within a couple of days. You will not need to download any new update - the "Upgrade" screen should just magically start working as it should, showing you the different options. And then you can simply choose the yearly option and your monthly subscription will seamlessly transfer to a yearly one, prorating the current monthly period.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused, and we will keep the group posted on the status of this.

- Kosta


Paul, on the "Done" button in the settings, this is there for when you are editing the emoji field, and only becomes active then so that you can use it to dismiss the keyboard. It is poor design though, and we will replace it with something better in a future update. All settings changes take effect immediately without needing to use the "Done" button, apart from the language change which does require a restart.

- Kosta