Flicktype and the Uber app.


Hi Chris,

Thanks for reporting and sorry you're having an issue! What version of FlickType are you using? And which version of iOS are you using?


Christopher Sims <cjsims@...>


Firstly, I love your app, and Use it all the time. Making you aware that it would appear as if there is a likely issue with the Uber chat part of the app. While your keyboard is working to compose the message to my uber driver, the issue comes when I dismiss the keyboard. I'm unable to locate the send button using voiceover. This happens no matter if I am exploring by touch or flicking. I am able to locate it if I go back to the standard keyboard then the send button appears. Please could you try and see if you are able to reproduce this? I look forward to this being fixed.
Kind regards, Christopher Sims
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