Thank you Guarav,

For the Invert Colors mode, this is a known issue and we may add a different color scheme in the future. However, if you use the Smart Invert setting of iOS, things should look as expected. Please let us know if Smart Invert does not work for you for any reason.

We will soon add a setting to always show all buttons on the keyboard.

For the half-screen mode, this is something we're working on.


Gaurav Jhunjhnuwala <gauravjj@...>


I am an avid user of flick type keyboard. I really like the app and I would like to give the following feedback to help enhance the experience.

Please keep in mind that I am not fully blind but have partial vision.

Color Settings:
Visually Impaired persons have different preferences as to what color combinations are more comfortable for them to view. The app should have an option to change the color combinations for the keyboard.
I personally prefer a black background with white text so as to reduce glare. Hence I keep my iOS devices on Invert Colors mode. However since the original color of flick type is Black Background with white text, with invert colors mode enabled the flick type keyboard appears with white background and black text.
I also know of a few of my visually impaired friends who are facing the same challenge. This is by far the most high priority of all the feedback i am providing.

Viewable Letters:
While tap typing, it is sometimes difficult for visually impaired persons to make a guess as to where certain letters may lie. Currently the keyboard letters are only viewable when a user drags their finger around the keyboard, and not while tap typing mode. Perhaps the following options could be explored:
1. An option to allow the user to always see the keyboard letters regardless of whether they are tap typing or if they are touch typing
2. Option to have only a few letters visible while tap typing (perhaps only the letters in the middle row. Being able to see the letters in this row allows users to infer where desired letters in the top and bottom row may lie without having to have them shown on the screen)

Half Screen Keyboard:
All other keyboards only take up half the screen so that the top of the screen continues to be viewable.

Thank you and hope to see these changes in the near future.