FW: Transaction failed

Rod Hutton <rod_hutton@...>


I just wanted to write back quickly before you spend too much time on my issue to let you know that all is working perfectly for me.
I've forwarded my previous message (see below) just to give you the full story.
By the way, after letting 5 hours or so go by, success came after using the Restore button in the Update tab, after which my subscription was confirmed on my 3rd device.

Thank you once again, and keep up the amazing work! Smile

Take good care,

Rod Hutton
Toronto, Canada

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Subject: Transaction failed


I have subscribed to full access and my subscription is active and working properly on two devices, but, when I tried on a third device, I try to choose the update button and I get the message transaction failed.

My user ID is:
User ID, 4BC9AEBA-6691-4C2F-894F-EB98997AEE73

I would appreciate any help you can render.

Thank you very much, and I just wanted to mention that I think you’re app is brilliant.

Rod Hutton