Transaction failed


Thank you Rod, and we will investigate.

In the meantime, can you please confirm that you are using the exact same Apple ID on your third device as with the other two? You can check this by going to the iOS Settings app, then tapping on your name at the very top, and selecting "iTunes and App Store".

Also, have you tried using the "Restore" option at the top left of the FlickType upgrade screen?


Rod Hutton <rod_hutton@...>


I have subscribed to full access and my subscription is active and working properly on two devices, but, when I tried on a third device, I try to choose the update button and I get the message transaction failed.

My user ID is:
User ID, 4BC9AEBA-6691-4C2F-894F-EB98997AEE73

I would appreciate any help you can render.

Thank you very much, and I just wanted to mention that I think you’re app is brilliant.

Rod Hutton