2 major queries about the modern app


Hi Abdullah,

Thank you very much for downloading! Sounds like you have not yet upgraded to the custom keyboard, you can start your 7 day trial in the upgrade tab and then you will be able to use the keyboard in all apps. For FlickType, you do not need to wait to hear the feedback from each specific letter, you can lightly tap where you think each letter in the word is, flick right and then FlickType will give you a list of words, which you can flick down to scroll through. The keyboard does not work how typical keyboards have worked in the past, instead, it is pattern based and does not offer a word until all the letters in the pattern have been entered. If this feels like a big leap of faith, you can tap and hold the screen to navigate the keys until you feel comfortable, but I suggest you give the word hello a try as it does come quite natural to most people.

Please let us know if we can help with anything else!

Abdullah Zafar <abdullah@...>

Hello there. This abdullah here. I recently discover this keyboard and liked it so much, therefore want to use as my default keyboard. But i am facing the following 2 problem while getting started. Keep in mind while reading below that i am a voiceover user on iOS.

1. I have enabled the keyboard along with full access. Now, whenever i open the keyboard in any app such as messages, it said “not subscribed”. It repeats the same phrase again and again when i touch the keyboard or perform any gesture. Why is it? Note: when i open the keyboard app and switch to the “demo” tab, then it doesn’t say like this. But in all other apps, it kept repeating the same sentences. Note number2: the internet connection is always active on my phone.
2. I prefer to type in single tapp mode “direct touch typing”. But in this keyboard, when i tap on a character lightly, it inserts the character but doesn’t speak the inserted character. Even the option “echo character” is turned on in app settings. Why is it? How to fix?