3 finger single tap


I have tried several times and can’t seem to get it to work. I have tried after swiping right to complete a word, and in the middle of one. No luck either way. Also doesn’t seem to matter where on the screen I 3 finger hold.I just get the standard message of ‘’center of screen, and then the context help message.

Eileen Misrahi

Hi Dave,

The way you use this gesture is to take 3 fingers and tap once and hold it there there. You need to keep the fingers on the screen to hear all the text. Once you take your fingers off the screen, it will stop reading. HTH.



Hi Dave,

You need to touch and hold with three fingers, rather than tap. We’ll make it clearer in the instructions, thank you for the question.

Let us know how you are finding typing with FlickType!


David Matters <morzorak@...>

The welcome tab says a 3 finger, single tap will read the contents. Is this working correctly? I am unable to get it to read what I have typed.
Dave ...