Punctuation & Symbols Read Back

Benny Barber <rebelben@...>

I’m not too thrilled with the read back of all punctuation and symbols.  It seems too verbose if you have a lot of them.  I would think the spell words setting would suffice for those that want to hear all punctuation and symbolsread back.  I noticed that when you bring up the menu the read back that occurs then does not read all punctuation and symbols.  Could we have a toggle to turn on and off all the punctuation and symbols read back?


Also, I noticed that when you have a number that might have a decimal within it and you swipe right, the read back is only the numbers after the decimal.  It seems it would be more accurate for the read back to be all the numbers and symbols in the string just type.  For example:  $25.55

Right now the read back is “55”.  It would seem to be more appropriate for the read back to be “twenty five dollars and fifty five cents”.


Just my thoughts.  I’ll keep checking it out.  Thanks.