FlickType version 32

Michael Maslo


Here are my findings on version 32. First I am using an iPhone x. I am running version ios 11 4. I am having the following major and I want to stipulate major issues. First, I had to delete the keyboard after updating because it crashed. After I deleted the keyboard I installed it again.

When I started to started to type, there was a latency issue immediately. I would type a word and majority of the time the word would not show up at all. If I continued to flick a word would eventually show up. However, if I had typed a three letter word, instead of that three letter word appearing a five letter word was suggested. When I would flick up and down what there was major latency issued what there also. When trying to delete a word I would sometimes have to flick at least eight times before that one word would be deleted. I like the sounds but the latency issues for me make it unuseable for me.

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