Re: Disappearing text


Harry, it sounds like the issue is no longer happening with the disappearing text but you're having trouble with the sensitivity on your new device? There should be no difference between the beta versions and the App Store version, other than the App Store versions are the most stable beta versions that we end up pushing to the App Store. The newest device we have is a X, so we're not able to test for ourselves. I'm wondering if we need to add the option to remove the dismiss keyboard gesture for the newer devices. Does it feel as though that would help with this issue?

Kimberly, I wanted to make sure you've restarted your devices recently? I want to make sure I am understanding your issue if you accidentally touch the screen when typing all your text is cleared? Are you using the demo tab in the app or the system-wide keyboard? Any other instructions you can provide to reproduce your issue is greatly appreciated.


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