Comments on version 0.1-32


Hi Ashley, Kosta, and List,

I've loaded the latest build 0.1-32 and have a few comments:

1. I very much like the addition of headings to the settings section to
distinguish the setting groups.

2. I also appreciate the addition of trailing text following certain
settings to provide more info on the setting's purpose. I think providing
this info under more setting items such as:

a. The Tap Effect choices of standard or alternative to let folks know
the difference without having to actually invoke it.

b. The Raise to Red Back setting choices of standard or verbose would be
clearer if some trailing text stating that the verbose setting reads all
punctuation was provided.

c. I'm still not sure I know what the Invisible Keyboard setting does so
some trailing text clarifying this setting would be nice.

3. I personally liked the ability to state email and phone in the quick
reply links but won't quibble about this. I did notice with this change that
my settings from before were cleared and now when I invoke either the @ or #
by pressing and holding on the keyboard to invoke the additional line of
symbols that neither of my quick reply values are presented in the flick
down choices. I assume if I enter either my email address or phone number
here that FlickType will again place it appropriately under either the @
group or # group, respectively.

Thanks so much for the continued efforts on this great app.

Happy FlickTyping,

Alan Lemly

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