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Sieghard Weitzel <sieghard@...>

I also have a monthly subscription. I just opened the app store, went to the Updates tab and then to the My Account button at the top. Here I tapped on my name, then subscriptions.

I tapped on Ffflicktype and selected the yearly subscription and was asked to confirm with Touch Id. Once I did I was informed that my annual subscription would start on October 4 which is when my current monthly subscription runs out, I assume at that point I will be billed $15.49 Canadian which is the price here and then it will not renew again until October 4, 2019… perfect, thanks for doing this.


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Hi Ashley and costa,

How do I purchase the one year subscription?

I've got the beta version.

If I delete the app, and download it from the appstore, it says that I'm already subscribed.


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George Cham


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Thank you all for the support, means a lot to us!!


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