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Hi Chuck and Richard,


I totally agree with Chuck here, quite a few people including myself asked for an annual subscription option because I use my credit card a lot and I don’t want to see all these little charges every month especially since I use the same card for my personal use as well as for my business so I have to separate out the charges each month. Yes, I could have simply put $100 iTunes credit on my account and this way everything wold come off that, but I’m glad they did the annual subscription and in this case I understand that being just two average people who need to make a living Kosta and Ashley shouldn’t have to give people Flicktype for a discount just because I asked to pay annually. I know in many cases larger companies offer a bit of a discount if you pay annually, but that’s a totally different story, it also cuts down on their administrative costs and all that.


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I disagree.

The annual subscription was included for the convenience of the subscriber. They should not have to lose income because people didn’t want to pay a monthly subscription.
Other apps may have to discount their apps to bring in buyers. Fliktype does not need to do that, it is fantastic the way it is.

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Usually, when one does a yearly subscription, it costs less than a monthly subscription. However, Flicktype costs more. 

Paying $.99 per month is $11.88 per year.

Annual subscriptions are $11.99.

Yes, only $.11 more, but I would think that you could give a month or two free for people who do the annual subscription.

Just my ¢2 worth.




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