Re: Subscription cost

Chuck Dean

I disagree.
The annual subscription was included for the convenience of the subscriber. They should not have to lose income because people didn’t want to pay a monthly subscription.
Other apps may have to discount their apps to bring in buyers. Fliktype does not need to do that, it is fantastic the way it is.

On Sep 24, 2018, at 6:52 AM, Richard Turner <richardturner42@...> wrote:

Usually, when one does a yearly subscription, it costs less than a monthly subscription. However, Flicktype costs more. 
Paying $.99 per month is $11.88 per year.
Annual subscriptions are $11.99.
Yes, only $.11 more, but I would think that you could give a month or two free for people who do the annual subscription.
Just my ¢2 worth.

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