Re: Version 3.0 with half screen mode is out!

Jean-Philippe Rykiel

works amazingly well here.

I see a New setting, maybe not new but I didn't notice it before. In the control keys section,  called space bar row. What is it for? It is not explained in the Instructions.

Can't wait for Other languages…



Le 18/09/2018 à 07:12, Chuck Dean a écrit :
With the half screen keyboard you can interact with the app above the keyboard just as you would with the ios keyboard.
You can also use the rotor to move through the text.

On Sep 17, 2018, at 8:58 PM, Paula Page <> wrote:

Oh there are lots of advantages! You can use the keyboard just like the ordinary one, in that you can send messages without having to dismiss it. I love this, and makes it so easy to use!


On 18 Sep 2018, at 01:03, Alan Robbins via Groups.Io <> wrote:

What advantages, if any, does half screen for voice over users?


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Subject: [FlickType] Version 3.0 with half screen mode is out!

Please read the following release notes and tell us what you think of this update at All feedback is welcome, smile!

What's new:
- Half screen mode now works with VoiceOver. Also introducing an additional "Minimal" keyboard height option.
- During a long press, the height of the top QWERTY row will now be the same as the bottom two rows. Exploring the area above the keyboard will read back your text. Tell us what you think!
- Some low-vision users asked us for a splash of color. The default black background can now be a simple vertical gradient with a color of your choice.
- If you are accidentally invoking the shift function when typing fast with multiple fingers, you can now disable it using the new "Multi-finger tap gestures" setting.

Known issues:
- If you are getting any incorrect announcements, please try setting the iOS VoiceOver "Typing Feedback" for software keyboards to "Characters", or to "Nothing".
- There is a known issue with the "Minimal" option not working correctly inside the container app on the iPhone X.
- Manually typing a word after a new line might insert a space after the first character.
- The keyboard might not work properly on iPad when iOS Zoom is enabled.

Please tell us what works for you and what doesn't, so we can make FlickType better for you!

Happy typing! ☺️

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