Re: Has FlickType classic been removed from the app store?

JP Shandra <blindambition777@...>

This is definitely a new thing from Apple. Where it must be in the app store. If you have it on another device, automatic download might be an option to get back on the new phone.

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I can only comment on my own personal experience when purchasing a new iPhone a little less than a month ago and restoring my backup to it. I had an app named Snippets that I used regularly to transfer text between computer and iPhone. However, Snippets was no longer in the Apps Store when I restored my backup to my new iPhone and therefore, it was no longer on my iPhone after the restore. I'm pretty sure apps are not included in what is backed up to either iCloud or a local computer so I'm not sure how their being tied to a particular Apple ID enters into the restoration. If the app isn't available in the Apps Store when one does their restore, there is no source from which to restore it. So, it seems your removing FlickType Classic from the Apps Store makes it no longer available to anyone restoring a backup to a new device.

Alan Lemly

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Hi Alan,

As far as we know apps are tied to a specific Apple ID, and if a phone is restored from an iCloud backup, then all previous app downloads should be restored as well. If you're aware of a new change will you please share a link so I can get up to speed?


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