Release #32: More sound improvements, quick reply links, and new settings


App changes follow below. Please report all your feedback by replying to this topic. Thank you for testing FlickType!

In this release:
- Settings reorganization
- Added information for some settings.
- Fixed Quick Reply links. Information in settings.
- Internal sound logic revamp. Please report latency and volume issues.
- Stereo panning for tap sound effects. Try with headphones and tell us what you think.
- Choice of tap effect.
- Choice of tap volume.
- Choice of pitch for "Spell words".
- Choice of verbosity for "Raise to read back".
- Always show "Copy & clear" menu option, even when "Copy & Clear on exit" is enabled.

Earlier changes:
- Fixed app startup freeze on iOS 10
- Lowered the pitch of the new deletion sound.
- Restored the original tap sound, but a bit louder than before. New tap sound is used in landscape, tell us what you think!
- Use lower pitch when spelling words, rather than higher. Thanks Daniel!
- Don't use higher pitch to announce tokens with numbers or symbols.
- Fixed double announcement of typed text when invoking the menu.
- Added back missing voice feedback when VoiceOver is disabled. Note: having VoiceOver disabled is generally unsupported. For best results, please ensure VoiceOver is enabled when using FlickType. You can set your accessibility shortcut to include toggling VoiceOver when you triple-click the device button. Reading of punctuation is known to be buggy when VoiceOver is disabled.
- Complete revamp of of all sound effects: taps, deletions, errors, and more. Tell us what you think!
- Deletion announcements will now always use a lower pitch, and will not use the word "Deleted". You can turn that back on from the settings.
- Updated deletion sound effect, hopefully this is less intrusive. Thanks Serina! You can now also turn it off from the settings.
- Words with numbers and symbols will now be announced correctly and in detail, even if they contain no letters.
- Apostrophes in contractions like "it's" will be announced. Thanks Alan!
- Capital letter announcements will use the shorthand "cap" prefix instead of the full word "capital".
- Fixed pronunciation of colon symbol. Thanks Yana!
- Fixed wrong iPhone X keyboard positioning when in landscape mode.
- Added a few more words to the dictionary.

Please report all your feedback by replying to this topic. Thank you for testing FlickType!

Kosta & Ashley

PS: Don't forget to invite your friends! The more testers we have, the faster we can improve the app.

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