Re: Losing focus

Daniel McGee

Kosta, think I figured out what was going on. Installed the beta again, and noticed that the half screen option was selected. Somehow, this must of gotten stuck when moving back to the released version on the app store. I have changed it back to: full screen mode and touch wood, all is working well at present. ☺️

So sorry for making you think there was a bug when in fact, it was human error on my part. ☹️

On 9 Sep 2018, at 16:11, Daniel McGee <> wrote:

Ok, I have deleted flicktype, restarted my device and installed a fresh copy of the app. This made no difference though.

Its gotten to the point where I am having to resort to FlickType classic to enter my text. And paste it in text areas.

If you like, I could send you a screen recording of the problem and we could proceed from there.



On 9 Sep 2018, at 03:16, Daniel McGee <> wrote:

Hi Kosta .Hi Kosta,
Yes I have tried restarting my iPhone 8. Issue came back though. Version 11.4.1 (15G77)

Should I try deleting FlickType and downloading a fresh copy from the App Store again.

Am thinking something happened when I moved from beta, back to release version.On 9 Sep .2018, a:54, FlickType <> wrote:

Hi Daniel. Have you tried restarting your device? And what iOS version are you on?
- Kosta

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