Re: Music stops when flick type keyboard is invoked.

Field, S. (Scott)

My personal preference is for the music/podcast to stop when using FlickType as you are relying on the voice feedback in FlickType while typing. I am not able to appreciate a good song or interesting podcast whilst trying to decipher the spoken words in FlickType. So, I like it the way it is currently. As with most things, a settings option to change this can suit everyone though and risks making the app more complex than necessary. Who said being an app developer was easy (
Scott Field

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Does this mean if I have audio ducking on music will stop? If so then I think that should be fixed because I prefer to have this on.

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Hi All,

Our users have been able to listen to music and podcasts without issue while using FlickType when their audio playback is set to unduckable and not customizable in the FlickType settings. You may need to restart the audio once after changing the setting but it should work from there on out. If you still have trouble, please restart your device and try again.

Will you please use this link and send us the information to help us find the crash. Please don't worry about the screen recording bullet for now, but please do send the crash logs and the remaining information:



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