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Alan Robbins <alan1057@...>


iPhone 6s.
Don't understand what you mean by keyboard? Nothing external, on the iPhone I have the built in one, flicktype, and imogee. I generally use flicktype and thus the question. I am finding that predictability is better the closer to the letters I get. However, given it is full screen, when I drag my finger around to kind of get an idea of where letters are located compared to the IOS built in keyboard, does not seem that different. Suggestions?


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Hi Al,

It seems as though the predictability for you is extremely low compared to what should be the case, especially for 4 or 5 letter words which are typically not troublesome. What type of device are you using? What keyboard do you typically use on your device? The app does not take into account what words have previously been typed at this time, but even without that, we have an extremely powerful autocorrect engine that is reliable out of the box.


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