Re: Typing speed, perspective of a person with very limited vision

Chuck Dean

Hello Scot, 
If you manually type a word in flicktype, that word will be entered into the dictionary once you finish the typing session. The only problem with this is if you need to type the same word more then once in a session. 

 As a fomer fleksy user, I am curious, what keyboard configuration are you using? Are you using the space bar or minimal keyboard? 
Also, when you type with fleksy do you get a stuttering speech when it reads back a word? 

Also, if you are using the minimal keyboard, how do you insert a new line, and how do you change to the iOS keyboard. These were the main problems I had with fleksy besides the prediction engine didn't seem as accurate. 


On Aug 26, 2018, at 11:08 PM, Field, S. (Scott) <ScottF@...> wrote:


I have both Flicktype Beta as well as Fleksy installed as third party keyboards. 

I did a test this weekend to see which one I can type faster with. 

This test was done in a  quiet environment where it was easy to hear the voiceover feedback. 

The result is that Fleksy is still faster due to two reasons only.  FlickType is better than Fleksy in all other ways::

  1. As much as I have tried, I cannot type quickly with two hands in landscape or portrait mode, I get the “Letters lower case” message within the first few words I type.  Then I have to figure out which bit that I have typed is still there, clean it up and continue typing at a slower pace as to not get the “Letters lower case” message again.   A very simple fix for this would be to put an option in the settings to disable the two finger tap to change case.  There is after all an alternative option  available for most users, giving the option would be great.
  2. The dictionary in FlickType is a bit limited.  Some standard English words simply don’t get recognised by FlickType where they do in Fleksy. The most recent example I came across is “jamming”.  Is there a different dictionary used between the two apps.?  A  nice feature addition would be to allow one to slowly type out the unrecognised word and then flicking up with one finger to save that word to the dictionary as in the case of Fleksy, thereby ensuring that you only need to do this once for each particular word that is not recognised.  This would also be very useful for people’s names.

Yesterday I was in a noisy restaurant and found it was a pleasure to type out a short message using FlickType  as I could see the large typed words and didn’t need to read it back, that was the most pleasant experience I have had when typing out a message on my phone in a noisy area. 

The app is getting better with every release and it is clear that Kosta and Ashley are working hard to get it right for the blind and low vision community, the efforts are truly appreciated. 

Thank you

Scott field


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