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Alan Robbins <alan1057@...>

Thanks. I have tried to day to be more accurate and it definitely makes a difference. I guess knowing the screen fills the whole phone, not just bottom half has helped.


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Yes, the more accurate your tabs are the better the predictability.

Personally, when my predictability starts getting low, I concentrate on tapping more accurately. It always works!

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Thanks for the feedback. So, I will take your suggestion into account and practice. I am gleaning from your statement the closer one gets to typing correctly, the better the predictability?


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Hello Al. I didn't notice this, maybe because I am French and do not use the app as much as you do, but I get the word I want almost on first position every time. I noticed though, that as the keyboard takes the entire screen, it is best to place your hand a little bit higher than you would do with the standard iOS Keyboard.
Hope this helps,

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Posted yesterday, no responses given.
I would say I get about 60% predictability on text input, is that about what others are getting? It seems the longer the word, the greater the predictability which makes sense to me as there are less words to choose from. 4 and 5 letter words seem the most troublesome. Does the app take into account the previous text one has entered and what the topic is about?


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Subject: [FlickType] text predictability

I have been using the flick type app for a while now and have purchased to give developers some revenue. I do not seem to achieve the high percentage of predictability the app touts as well as many users. Are there ways of input to increase predictability?


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