Re: Issue with the app.

Richard McKinley <mcfurbie@...>

It happens to me when using the buttons.

On Aug 23, 2018, at 9:02 PM, Kimberly Parsley <> wrote:

Yes, I have this problem as well. I believe I was the first person to report it. Ashley asked what kind of phone I’m using. I’m using the iPhone 7 running the latest version of iOS and the latest FlickType build. The problem just happened to me again. I was in iMessage, flicked up to dismiss the FlickType keyboard, and the control center came up. I was unable to use the home button to dismiss flicktype. I had to do a series of holding down the power button, pressing the home key, and cussing to get anything to happen. Not sure exactly what eventually worked but I was able to bring up the app switcher, close out of everything, then reboot my phone. I love this app, and my hope is that fixing this problem will become an immediate priority, as I am afraid to use the FlickType app on lengthy documents or anything important.
On Aug 23, 2018, at 11:39 AM, Richard McKinley <> wrote:

Hello, I'm using the app store version of the app. When I switch or dismiss the FlickType keyboard I get thrown into the control center. I've canceled my subscription until this issue is corrected since I can't use the app as an all access keyboard with this problem.

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