Re: Issue with the app.

Richard McKinley <mcfurbie@...>

It happens after I've found and activated one of the buttons.

On Aug 23, 2018, at 1:22 PM, Chuck Dean <> wrote:

Hello again
Something I should mention, there is an iOS gesture, a flick up from the bottom of the phone, that will engage the control panel.
If you are searching for the dismiss keyboard, or change keyboard, buttons from the bottom of the phone, you may be accidentally engaging this gesture.
If this is the case, try searching for the buttons, from above, and moving down.
I hope this helps, Chuck

On Aug 23, 2018, at 9:39 AM, Richard McKinley <> wrote:

Hello, I'm using the app store version of the app. When I switch or dismiss the FlickType keyboard I get thrown into the control center. I've canceled my subscription until this issue is corrected since I can't use the app as an all access keyboard with this problem.

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