Re: New release: An entirely new sound treatment has arrived with build 29!

Shameless FanGirl

Good evening,

I appreciate the new sounds, because, as I’ve said before, they are a much-needed break with what had been there since the beginning. I appreciate the new typing sound (the one now present in landscape mode) because it’s easy to hear when I’m working in louder environments such as in transit, in the midst of a lot of people, etc. I am experiencing something interesting though with the usage of lightning earphones. This isn’t exclusively a flicktype issue, but something which sometimes happens with sounds generally, and I’m curious as to whether or not anyone else has seen, or is seeing this. When I use my phone and flicktype via the handset only, (no earphones) the sounds are very pronounced. Yet when I plug in my EarPods, they’re muted almost to the point of inaudibility. I have auto-ducking turned off, so yeah, this is annoying to me, because I am a geek, and am having fun with the new sound options...just wish I could enjoy them privately. Lol

Thanks guys for a great app, and for, as I once said before, returning me to my texting input roots


On Apr 7, 2018, at 8:34 PM, Rocco Fiorentino <> wrote:

Hi all, loving the new release and FlickType in general; in fact, I'm using the app to type this message. I'm also extremely grateful for the amount of enthusiasm and responsiveness from the developers, I truly appreciate your passion for the app and user support. Having said that, I have a few general thoughts:

1. I love the new sounds. However, can there be a different sound other than the keyboard clicks for when a two finger swipe is performed to access the menu? Not a huge deal, but just food for thought.
2. Speaking of the menu, is the tap an hold gesture still supposed to exist to bring up the menu? I love the swipe up, but feel like it could get annoying for new users who may be manually trying to enter something and go outside the range of the keyboard. I only discovered this gesture by accident.
3. I like the announcement of contractions, but I wish only the's was announced because of VoiceOver's default lack of pronouncing it. I think words like I'm or aren't would be better pronounced normally, as before. Not sure if this makes sense? If I need to clarify please let me know. :)

On another note, like others have mentioned, it took me a while to get groups. Io to cooperate and allow me to reply /post. I finally got it but not initially user friendly. I'll reply to that respective topic tomorrow. Thank you again for bringing this back and bringing a much needed typing revamp to iOS.

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