Re: Moving line by line

Jessica D



Sen.t, I'm using an iPhone x with ios 11.4.1. Also, rather then saying the first punctuation mark in the list, one of the following situations will occur:
1. VO says "space" rather than anouncing the first punctuation mark
2. flicktype will crash, when entering a space, sending me back to the ios keyboard.

what can I do?

both are occuring as of the latest flicktype beta. my iPhone

On Aug 21, 2018, at 7:55 PM, Ken Cl.arkg <khclark1@solarusen using three finger swipe in FlickType for editing it don't move to the next line ,
It gets to the end of the line I'm on and says end of mine and doesn't go to the next line . Does anyone else have this problem ? Or what I'm doing wrong?
🦇man and Ken

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