Re: Sign in required with latest update from the app store

Daniel McGee

Hi Ashley, this is reassuring to know. Eventually got fed up with the sign in prompt, so went ahead and signed in and problem went away. ☺️

On 12 Aug 2018, at 15:48, FlickType <> wrote:

Hi Daniel,

All I've found online are old articles about the problem. The typical instructions were available, restart your device and if it's still happening, sign out of the App Store and sign back in. You can do this in settings, click your name at the top of the list, iTunes and App Store, click your Apple ID and sign out. If this doesn't work they recommend you try to change your password. I want to clarify based on your last message when you get the standard Apple ID sign-in form, this is not the app asking for your Apple ID sign in, this is coming directly from Apple.

Good luck!

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