Re: New release: An entirely new sound treatment has arrived with build 29!

Rocco Fiorentino

Hi all, loving the new release and FlickType in general; in fact, I'm using the app to type this message. I'm also extremely grateful for the amount of enthusiasm and responsiveness from the developers, I truly appreciate your passion for the app and user support. Having said that, I have a few general thoughts:

1. I love the new sounds. However, can there be a different sound other than the keyboard clicks for when a two finger swipe is performed to access the menu? Not a huge deal, but just food for thought.
2. Speaking of the menu, is the tap an hold gesture still supposed to exist to bring up the menu? I love the swipe up, but feel like it could get annoying for new users who may be manually trying to enter something and go outside the range of the keyboard. I only discovered this gesture by accident.
3. I like the announcement of contractions, but I wish only the's was announced because of VoiceOver's default lack of pronouncing it. I think words like I'm or aren't would be better pronounced normally, as before. Not sure if this makes sense? If I need to clarify please let me know. :)

On another note, like others have mentioned, it took me a while to get groups. Io to cooperate and allow me to reply /post. I finally got it but not initially user friendly. I'll reply to that respective topic tomorrow. Thank you again for bringing this back and bringing a much needed typing revamp to iOS.

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