Question: German Language support

Matthias Lindemann

Dear Developer Team,

is the support of the FlickType German language keyboard planned for the future?
If not by now, I honestly request for this feature which will support all blind user who live in Germany, Austria and Suisse.
If yes, when can we expect this feature?

Many thanks in advance for any kind of information on this topic.

Kindest regards

Matthias Lindemann

Am 08.08.2018 um 20:55 schrieb FlickType <>:

Please always restart your device after updating FlickType, and send all your feedback to Thank you!

What's new:
- You can now use your existing iOS text replacement shortcuts with FlickType. Configure text replacements from iOS Settings, General, Keyboard, Text Replacement. If you tap-type the shortcut, it will automatically be expanded into its phrase. If you type it accurately by touch-typing each letter, you'll need to flick down to expand it after you space. Replacement shortcuts can only contain letters, but expanded phrases can be anything, including numbers, symbols, spaces, and even emoji. Be creative, smile!

Please note: the replacements don't work inside the container app due to iOS limitations.

Thank you for supporting FlickType, and please tell your friends if you are enjoying it!

Kosta and Ashley

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