App subscription

Rachel <r.usher1982@...>

Hello there.

Just wanted to share my thoughts regarding the current debate around the monthly subscription to use the keyboard system wide.

The app is absolutely fantastic. There are a few aspects of it i still need to mess around with, but i feel confident that given time i will, at long last, find myself being able to type on my phone much more quickly than i do using the iPhone’s standard keyboard, meaning tasks like sending longer emails will take far less time. ☺️

As regards paying a monthly subscription to use the keyboard: while i fully accept that given the huge amount of sheer hard work, time and effort that has clearly gone in to making the keyboard operate as efficiently as it does, i’m afraid that for me, the use of a keyboard is not something for which i am prepared to subscribe to. If i was to purchase a keyboard from any store, i would not be expected to pay a monthly subscription fee for me to use that keyboard. So the above, in my view, also applies to the use of FlickType. I would far rather pay a one off fee (just like i would pay a one off price for a shop bought keyboard). In view of this i am using the keyboard in demo mode then sharing the text with the desired app.

Many thanks for reading, and keep up the fantastic work.


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