Re: Improvements to flick type


Hi Tony,

Thank you for the message. Due to the fact that our keyboard is currently full screen, there is no way access the voiceover edit menu but we will be launching a half screen option soon and then the regular voiceover menu will work like normal. Would you mind expanding on what you mean by "accept web addresses"? As for the auto fill, this will also work properly when we have a half screen option. Finally, thanks for reporting the bug with the specific app, we've had another user report an issue with a banking app. Is this also a banking app?


On Mon, Jul 23, 2018 at 06:06 PM, Tony James <> wrote:

Hi, i like this keyboard a lot, but I was wondering it u guys could make it
possible to access the VoiceOver edit menu while using the keyboard? Also
could it be made to accept web addresses? I've noticed that the iOS auto fill
doesn't seem to work very well. For example, I can use the default keyboard to
enter only a few letters of an email or web address and suggestions appear.
Finally, I use ace budget 3 and for some reason it wouldn't let me enter the
amount I wanted. The keyboard cane up, but the amount wasn't being entered

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