Re: Email Operations for Changing List Settings

Tony - The Blind Kind

Thanks Alan. I'll save this message for future reference.

On 4/7/2018 1:09 AM, Alan Lemly wrote:
I run another email list on and based on the troubles Tony had
joining this list, I thought I'd recap the things you can do via blank
emails sent to the correct address with a subscription. Since this
is the FlickType group, I'm using its name in the send to email addresses.

Here is what you can do just by sending an email:

1. To subscribe:

2. To unsubscribe:

3. To get help:

4. To go nomail:

5. To go to digest delivery:

6. To go to full digest delivery:

7. To return to single message delivery:

All of those send to addresses in the list above are live links and should
open an email ready to send in your email client when executed.

Alan Lemly



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