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Jean-Philippe Rykiel <jprykiel@...>

I was just asking For an option in Flicktype preferences you know.


Le 16/07/2018 à 17:43, Sieghard Weitzel a écrit :

I hope the period remains as it is. After all a double press of the spacebar using the iOS keyboard also inserts a period and nobody is asking Apple to change it to a comma. I assume that strictly from a statistical point of view the period is used more in most western languages than the comma and therefore it is what the default is.


In the above paragraph I ended the three sentences with a period, but didn’t need to use a single comma. In this last sentence one comma was used.


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How about if they make it so that when you swipe right it brings up the punctuation based on a custom field like the emoji? Then like the emoji you can select which symbols are available and in which order. Put your period, comma, or even hashtag first as you prefer.

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