WhatsApp crash update: important information


We have now determined that the issue lies purely within WhatsApp and their recent update a couple of weeks ago. To help us resolve the issue, please file a bug report with them using the below template. The more people file the bug, the sooner the issue will be resolved. To submit a bug report, open up WhatsApp, go to Settings, Help, Contact Us. Paste the text from the template below into the textfield, and then tap Next at the top right. You might then be presented with a list of questions that WhatsApp thinks are relevant to your inquiry. Ignore those and select "This does not answer my question" at the very bottom of the screen. This will pop up an email ready to be sent to the WhatsApp support address. Make sure the composed email includes the entirety of the template text and optionally include somewhere a date and time of the last couple of times the app crashed. Template text follows below:


Dear WhatsApp support team,

Since version, I have been experiencing a WhatsApp crash that is preventing me from using your app in conjunction with the FlickType keyboard. FlickType is a keyboard for blind and low-vision VoiceOver users like myself, and unlike most other keyboards, it takes up the entire screen when it pops up. The crash occurs as soon as the keyboard pops up in a conversation textfield, and following their own investigation, the FlickType developers believe that it is the full-screen aspect of the keyboard that indirectly causes WhatsApp to crash (FlickType itself is not crashing). Please note that the problem does not always happen, and seems to be more likely to happen on threads with a lot of messages, as opposed to threads with only a handful of messages.

While there are no steps that can reliably reproduce the issue, below are some technical details from the Flicktype developers that might assist you in addressing the problem:

> 1. All collected WhatsApp crash logs from our users follow the same pattern, where a layout operation triggers a subsequent layout operation ad infinitum, until the stack space (approximately 512 invocations) is exhausted and the WhatsApp terminates with a segmentation fault.
2. The last part of the stack trace is not always the same, but is almost certainly unrelated to the cause of the crash.
3. A sample crash log (unsymbolicated) can be found here: https://github.com/keleftheriou/FlickType/blob/5ef1a5a9e0666e0869edc3426389b929400822d4/tmp/WhatsApp-2018-07-12-173526.ips.crash
4. The above crash log, partially symbolicated to show UIKit and other system calls can be found here: https://github.com/keleftheriou/FlickType/blob/5ef1a5a9e0666e0869edc3426389b929400822d4/tmp/WhatsApp-2018-07-12-173526.ips-PARTIALLY-SYMBOLICATED.crash
5. A sample WhatsApp log with multiple `chatmsgs//preserve-scroll-position/failed: empty table` entries right before the crash can be found here: https://github.com/keleftheriou/FlickType/blob/8a309244bde6c02d3101846a85e126a30f4fb057/tmp/whatsapp-2018-07-15-16-21-49-628-WhatsApp-87-launch-CRASH-redacted.log
6. We are more than happy to help in any way we can. We can be reached at hello@flicktype.com and answer any additional questions you might have to help resolve the issue as quickly and as easily as possible.
Thank you for your time, and I'm really looking forward to being able to use WhatsApp with FlickType again!

A VoiceOver WhatsApp user.

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