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Jean-Philippe Rykiel <jprykiel@...>

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Le 15/07/2018 à 22:27, Sieghard Weitzel a écrit :

Yes, if you bring up the control centre you are definitely starting your initial touch way to low. It is not necessary to do this in Flicktype, starting up higher and swiping up works just as well and it won’t bring up the control centre.


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 When doing the flick up and hold gesture to switch to the iOS keyboard, be sure to start the gesture about an inch above the bottom of the iPhone. This will prevent accidentally engaging the control panel. 


On Jul 15, 2018, at 12:03 AM, Jean-Philippe Rykiel <jprykiel@...> wrote:

But these two buttons act strangely sometimes.
When dismissing the keyboard, it happens that last lines of text are deleted, and when switching keyboards, it sometimes opens the control
centre. I'm using an iPhone seven with last iOS 11, not quite sure what is happening.



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