Re: Beta tester

Tyler Wood


I'm certainly looking forward to the incorporation of the half screen keyboard. Hopefully that is able to be done. Right now having to tap on dismiss keyboard then hunting for the send button down at the bottom of the screen, as far as iMessages go, is a little tedious.

On 08-Jul-2018 11:59 PM, Chuck Dean wrote:
You can always incorporate dictation at any time by changing to the iOS keyboard. Including it in FlickType would be redundant and complex.

On Jul 7, 2018, at 9:09 PM, aldrien lim <> wrote:

Hello Flicktype,

First of all you make a huge difference from my typing activity, and I congratulate you guys! But I have some suggestion that you might consider. Can I be a beta tester to help you guys about some future improvements. Is that a good idea to add the dictation feature of ios keyboard.

Sincerely, Aldrien

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