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Yes, that has always been so since often apps may not work correctly with an iOS beta version and Apple wants to avoid a bunch of people bashing an app for crashing when it’s really because they are running a beta of iOS especially an entirely new version of iOS which may require developers to update their app or make other changes for it to work correctly. For example, in the first iOS 12 developer beta Skype crashed and while actual developers may know that such things may not be the fault of the app, now with public betas where every Joe, Dick and Harry can download the beta I bet a bunch of bad reviews would show up for some apps which may temporarily not work correctly or maybe even not at all under a beta.





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Did you know that if you are running an iOS beta that you are not allowed to give app reviews? I just found that out while trying to give FlickType a review. 


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Dear FlickType users and supporters,

App Store reviews go a really long way in helping developers of apps like ours. Please help your favorite keyboard by taking just 3 minutes of your time to write a short review with your honest opinion about FlickType. You can use the following link from your iOS device to go there directly:

Thank you for your support, we really appreciate it!

Kosta and Ashley


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